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The Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission is governed by eleven (11) Commissioners who are appointed by the Governor's Office and represent different geographical areas of Illinois. 

Dennis O'Brien, Chairperson
Wheaton, IL 
Term Expires, 11/14/23

Lori Krakora, Vice Chairperson
Naperville, IL
Term Expires, 11/14/20

Jean Draths, Commissioner
Glenview, IL 
Term Expires, 11/14/24

David Frazier, Commissioner
University Park, IL
Term Expires, 11/14/24

Jennifer Sender, Commissioner
Chicago, IL 
Term Expires, 11/14/24

Joshua D. Sevier
Chicago, IL 
Term Expires, 11/14/25

Tyrone Barnes, Commissioner
Grayslake, IL 
Term Expires, 11/14/25

Michael Dubowe, Commissioner
Normal, IL 
Term Expires, 11/14/23

John R. Jun, Commissioner
Minooka, IL
Term Expires, 11/14/24

Kevin Smith, Commissioner
Berwyn, IL
Term Expires, 11/14/24

Commissioner Seat #11

It is possible that a Commissioner will run on an expired term.  Until the Governor makes a new appointment or reappoint a Commissioner, the Commissioner on an expired term will continue to serve on the Commission. 

Apply to Become A Commissioner

Interested to Become A Commissioner? To apply, go to and click on “Submit An Application.”

Contact Information

The Chairperson of the Commissioners may be contacted at