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Illinois Board of Interpreters

The Illinois Board of Interpreters consists of seven (7) members appointed by the Commission Director.  The Board is composed of four (4) licensed interpreters for the deaf and three (3) deaf or hard of hearing consumers and the Commission Interpreter Coordinator. The Board provides recommendations to the Director on issues related to the Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007.

Laura Braucht, Chairperson
Interpreter - General Master
Joy, IL
Term Expires, 12/31/23

Kimberly Berger, Vice President
Interpreter- General Advanced
Murphysboro, IL 
Term Expires, 12/31/26

Hershella Ashford, Board Member 
Deaf Consumer &
Interpreter - General Advanced
Chicago, IL - Term Expires, 12/31/24

Desa Johnson Walls, Board Member
Deaf Consumer
Jacksonville, IL
Term Expires, 12/31/26

Amy Miller, Secretary
Interpreter - General Master
Glen Carbon, IL 
Term Expires, 12/31/25

Teri Hedding, Board Member 
Deaf Consumer &
Interpreter - General Master
Palos Hills, IL  - Term Expires, 12/31/23

Ayanna Dowd, Board Member 
Interpreter - General Intermediate
Homewood, IL 
Term Expires, 12/31/25

It is possible that a Board Member will run on an expired term.  Until the Director makes a new appointment or reappoint a Board Member, the Board Member on an expired term will continue to serve on the Illinois Board of Interpreters. 

Interested to Become A Board Member? To apply, click here to submit an application: Application for Illinois Board of Interpreters.

For question, see Board Application Process FAQ

Contact Information

The Illinois Board of Interpreters may be contacted at