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Mentorship Program

Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007 Rules, Section 1515.105.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Both mentee and mentor must possess current Illinois Sign Language Interpreter License Mentor must possess an Advanced or Master proficiency level
  • Submit completed Mentorship Packet 
    • Mentee Application
    • Mentor Application
    • Mentorship Plan
  • Required $40 Mentorship Application Fee


  • All forms are PDF fillable. IDHHC prefers all forms to be typed. 
  • IDHHC will communicate via email unless mentee or mentor requests otherwise. 
  • Upon receipt of the completed packet, IDHHC will notify both the mentee and mentor within 7 – 10 business days whether the mentoring relationship is approved.
  • IDHHC will determine the number of CE hours at the completion of the mentoring plan and submittal of the “CE Hours Request Form.” See below for more information.

Mentee Responsibilities

  • Select a mentor (IDHHC does not match a mentee with a mentor.)
  • Complete Mentorship Packet (see above) including the completed mentor application.
  • Submit required packet and fee of $40 to IDHHC.
  • After each interpreting assignment with the mentor, mentee must complete the “Mentee Assessment Form” and submit to IDHHC within 45 days of the date of assignment.
  • Mentee can only work one level above current proficiency level and must be under the direct supervision of mentor.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Complete “Mentor Application” upon agreeing to enter a mentoring relationship with a specific mentee. This application will be submitted to IDHHC by the mentee with mentorship packet and required fee.
  • Review and provide input on “Mentorship Plan.” Mentor must sign indicating commitment to the mentorship plan. This application will be submitted to IDHHC by the mentee with mentorship packet and required fee.
  • Obtain the required written consent from the client (business or service provider) prior to the assignment.
  • Obtain the required written or verbal consent from the deaf or hard of hearing consumer at the start of the assignment.
  • Within 30 days of the end of the mentorship relationship, mentor must submit the “Mentee Final Evaluation” to IDHHC. Mentors are encouraged to share this evaluation with the mentee.

Continuing Education

  • Both mentee and mentor of an IDHHC approved mentorship relationships may qualify for up to 10 Illinois Continuing Education hours within a year under Section 1515.80(a)(10) of the Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007 Rules. (These CE hours are approved for Illinois licensure but NOT approved under RID.)
  • Cannot apply for both Illinois CE hours and RID Independent Study CEUs for same mentorship.
  • Must submit the required “CE Hours Request Form” and required $20 fee per individual request.
  • In determining the award of CE hours, IDHHC will consider the number of interpreting assignments completed with the mentor as well as the amount of preparation and debriefing regarding each assignment.

Applications & Forms

Online Payment


Electronic payment is the only accepted form of payment. To complete the electronic payment, please click on the ePay logo on the left or click on the full url:

Select One-Time Payment on the left side to make a one-time payment without creating an account. Select Payment Category & Type: IL-BEI Certification & Miscellaneous then mark check the box Licensure Mentorship Application Fee $40.00. If CE is requested, mark check the box Licensure Mentorship CE (Continuing Education) Fee $20.00.